TOM WILLIAMS has been covering CAL sports since 1961. He has been named New Jersey Sportscaster of the Year 10 times, the most in state history. He has been inducted into both the South Jersey Basketball and Football Halls of Fame. Tom has also created online coverage of the CAL, including a basketball stats service and online rankings & stat leaders.
TONY BLUM has worked with members of our Sports Team since the late 1960s (he is much older than he looks). He was the play-by-play voice of the Atlantic City Surf in its championship year. A graduate of Rider University, he is working with his alma mater to construct a new sports arena. Currently, Tony is compounding his wealth and advising others on their
online presence.
If there was a CAL Hall of Fame,
JIM SCHAFER would be one of the first inducted. A three-sport star in high school and college, he had great success as a high school coach in football, basketball and softball as well as junior college basketball. A retired educator and a grandfather, he has been broadcasting local sports for decades, on television and radio.

BUD RINCK is a longtime sports broadcaster in South Jersey. A retired educator and once an award-winning high school baseball coach, Bud was also a high school baseball and basketball player and a college baseball player. In recent years, Bud's interests have leaned more toward golf, NASCAR and multi-million dollar real estate deals.
STEVE PARKER was a Hall of Fame athlete in high school, excelling in football, baseball and basketball. His son, Scott, was an all star quarterback in high school and is now a high school administrator. Steve has coached youth football and baseball, is involved with ice hockey and worked as a volunteer assistant on his son's coaching staff. He is an avid golfer.
BUTCH GLEASON had been part of our Sports Team for more than three decades before he died in 2014. Retired as a regional manager for a major conglomerate, he enjoyed taking care of his granddaughter and boasting about Cape-Atlantic League football to his neighbors in Marlton. And rooting for the
Kentucky Wildcats.

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TOM GETZKE is a retired educator who coached high school basketball. He has been deeply involved in his community and has run successfully for a number of political offices. For more than a decade, Tom found time every year to attend the Big East Basketball Tournament in New York. He now spends most of the year at his estate in Florida.
JOE FUSSNER played basketball and baseball in high school and baseball in college, where he studied criminology. He has moved steadily up the ladder in the Ventnor City Police Departmant to the rank of Captain. Joe is also a high school softball umpire and basketball referee and serves as the primary computer operator for
Prime Events Basketball Stats.
MIKE GILL is a graduate of West Virginia University who was a successful athlete in three sports in the CAL. At WVU, he did play-by-play of many sports and reported on others. Mike is also very active in coaching youth baseball. He has been named New Jersey Sportscaster of the Year and is currently the popular afternoon radio personality on 97.3FM-ESPN.

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KEN MOSCA is a former high school and college baseball player and had a great career in the Atlantic County Baseball League. A utilities official during the day, Ken was part of the Ventnor City Board of Education that created the impressive Ventnor Education Community Complex.
He also has a passion for the
Dallas Cowboys.
HARRY SACHS was a successful high school football player in Central Jersey and an area basketball coach who was part of a state championship team.
He is a retired educator who developed many special programs as a teacher. Harry enjoys going to 76ers games, rooting for the New York Jets
and is still searching for that
special daily double.
JOHN LEON brings his vast sports knowledge and his strong opinions to our Sports Team. He was the play-by-play voice of the Atlantic City Surf and has hosted sports programs at many area radio stations. John was a very successful baseball and softball player. He is a member of the Holy Spirit Hall of Fame and does sports information work for Stockton University.

MIKE FRANKEL was a two-sport athlete in high school who used his knowledge of sports to build a successful career. He was a sports anchor at both NBC-TV40 and SNJ Today. He is currently a sports reporter, videographer and producer for Jersey Sports Zone and was
chosen as New Jersey's
Sportscaster of the Year.
successful high school and college athlete who had great careers
coaching high school basketball
and boys tennis. He continues
to teach and regularly plays basketball, runs in marathons and follows his talented daughters
all over the country as they
play field hockey.

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