The Edie Awards
currently consist of scholarships awarded by the
Edythe T. Selvagn Memorial Scholarship Fund
to graduating Ocean City High School seniors,
primarily those attending the University of Pennsylvania.
They have been presented at the OCHS Awards Night by
Mrs. Selvagn's daughter, Mrs. Ginni Szczepanski; by
her grandchildren, Ginny Bisignaro and Irv Megargee;
and by various OCHS administrators.

Scholarship Winners
(Click on winner's name for photo of presentation)

2020-Eve Chiarello, Penn

2019-Karen Greenwood, Montclair State

2018-Morgan McLees, Penn

2017-Ben Cardwell, Rutgers

2016-Julianna Kemenosh, Penn

2014-Maham Ahmad, Penn

2013-Connor Brady, Penn

2012-Brooke Singer, Rutgers

2011-Taryn Seifert, Penn

2010-Laurie Vogel, Penn

2008-Jessica Doughtie, Penn

2007-Matthew Cartagena, Temple

2006-Emily Dougan, Temple

2005-John Snyder, Temple

2004-Kelsey Nickles, Penn

2003-Bethany Smith, Penn

2002-Erin Chiappini, Penn

2001-Michelle Evans, Montclair State

1999-Lauren Jankowski, Temple

1998-Wayne Davis, Penn

In the absence of a student heading to Penn,
awards can also be presented to those enrolling at
Temple University, Montclair State University,
Millersville (PA) University or Rutgers University.

Additional awards are planned for the future.

The Edythe T. Selvagn
Memorial Scholarship Fund

c/o Ocean City Home Bank
10th Street & Asbury Avenue
Ocean City, NJ 08226

Judy Garland