Basketball Stats by Prime Events
Our Stats Crew

Joe Fussner IV (the clean cut college graduate, above) is our primary computer stats operator. He is responsible for inputting the statistics as the game progresses and producing a printed box score at the end. Joe is an Atlantic City High School and Monmouth University grad who works in law enforcement. He spends his spare time watching SportsCenter.

William Aloysius Becker is one of our spotters, who provides information to the computer operator. An Ocean City High School and University of Miami (FL) grad, Bill works in radio as a producer, collects losing tickets from horse tracks all over the world and walks his dogs eight times a day.

Old Joe Fussner is also one of our spotters and is an expert with copy machines. He is the head women's basketball coach at Richard Stockton College and was the New Jersey Athletic Conference Coach of the Year in 2000. He was an extremely successful coach in both boys and girls basketball at Atlantic City High School.

Amy Mason is both a computer spotter and stats operator. She has experience at both calling out the stats to the computer operator and operating the system herself. A former player at Egg Harbor Township High School, Amy is a student at Drexel University where she lives the life of Felicity. Her goal is to strike out Joe Fussner on three pitches.

Steve Parker also doubles as a computer spotter and stats operator. He was a Hall of Fame athlete himself at Mainland Regional and a successful coach. Steve is an avid golfer who still plays ice hockey and is part of the radio Sports Team at "98.7-The Coast".

Karen Shutz is also one of our spotters. The former basketball star at Egg Harbor Township High School and Iona University brings a great deal of experience and expertise to the job.

Dennis Smith is another of our spotters. Dennis also has done a lot of public address announcing for Prime Events and at other South Jersey venues. He is part of the radio Sports Team at "98.7-The Coast" and occassionally paints his face orange and black at Flyers games.

Tom Williams is both a computer spotter and stats operator. He has been New Jersey's Sportscaster of the Year four times, including 2000. He broadcasts with the Sports Team on "98.7-The Coast" and writes for a chain of South Jersey papers.

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