Sons & Daughters of
The Young Entertainers

Alison Amicone Oks & family

Hayden Richard Celeste

age 5 years
Robyn Boykin Celeste

The Hart Girls
Gabrielle Renee & Alexis Nicole

Gabi (age 4) & Lexi (age 2)
Leon & Theresa (Beerley) Hart

Tyler Ross

age 3 years (as Spiderman)
Danielle Ross

Nicole O'Leary

age 11 years
Sue (Palermo) O'Leary

Zachary & Kylee Johnson

Jennifer (Peterson) & Paul Johnson

Olivia & Brian Conover

with parents and Uncle Forrest.

Jake Merritt

Age 6 weeks
Patti & Scott Merritt

Meghan Merritt

Age 4 years
Patti & Scott Merritt

Claire Breslin

with parents, Jack & Barbara