OCHS First Decade Teams

Danielle McNally was top Raider field hockey player in First Decade!

Gazette Staff Writer

Like boys soccer, an amazing lineup of athletes during one decade played field hockey for Ocean City High School from 2000-09. The very best are recognized here as we continue our series of First Decade All Star Teams. But there are players who almost made it, and didn't, who would be all stars in just about any other field hockey program.

The best of the best was Danielle McNally, the Field Hockey Player of the Decade. She was named to the all-conference first team three times, was All-South Jersey twice and all-state twice. A great defensive player, she was one of the all-time OCHS assist leaders.

Joining McNally at fullback are Elizabeth Cellini, an all-conference and All-South Jersey selection. And Rachel Hunter, a two-time All-South Jersey pick who was first team all-state once and second team once.

The midfielders are Missy Halliday, All-South Jersey and second team all-state; Maggie Long, all-conference twice and second team all-state; Kelsey Nickles, a two-time all-conference pick; Casey Beyel, a three-time all-conference choice and All-South Jersey; and Jenn Staab, named all-conference twice.

On the offensive line is an impressive quartet of scorers - Meredith Long, an all-state selection; Jen Cruz, two-time all-conference and All-South Jersey; Kim Kryzk, three-time all-conference and two-time All-South Jersey; and Colleen Slaughter, two-time all-conference and All-South Jersey.

Sharing the goalkeeper position are two sisters who compiled 96 shutouts between them - Gwen Hunter, two time all-state, and Natalie Hunter, two-time all-conference and All-South Jersey.

It is a talented lineup. Trish LeFever, who coached the Raiders to 206 wins in the decade, would certainly enjoy seeing them play together on the same field. But the best of them all in the First Decade of this century was Danielle McNally, who is headed for Indiana University. She joins Abbey Woolley (90s) and Kristie Miller (80s) as Ocean City High School Field Hockey Players of the Decade.

OCHS Field Hockey in the First Decade
2000........19-3-1......Trish LeFever
2001........21-3-1......Trish LeFever
2002........23-0-1......Trish LeFever
2003........21-2-1......Trish LeFever
2004........19-2-2......Trish LeFever
2005........22-1-1......Trish LeFever
2006........20-1-1......Trish LeFever
2007........18-3-1......Trish LeFever
2008........21-1-1......Trish LeFever
2009........22-2-0......Trish LeFever

The First Decade Raider Field Hockey Team
Offense - Meredith Long (2000)
Offense - Jen Cruz (2002)
Offense - Kim Krzyk (2006)
Offense - Colleen Slaughter (2009)
Midfield - Missy Halliday (2001)
Midfield - Maggie Long (2002)
Midfield - Kelsey Nickles (2003)
Midfield - Casey Beyel (2006)
Midfield - Jenn Staab (2009)
Fullback - Elizabeth Cellini (2000)
Fullback - Rachel Hunter (2005)
Fullback - Danielle McNally (2009)
Goal - Gwen Hunter (2003)
Goal - Natalie Hunter (2009)