OCHS First Decade Teams

Renee Tomlin was top Raider girls swimmer in First Decade!

Gazette Staff Writer

Girls swimming was a varsity sport at Ocean City High School for only the second half of the First Decade, though many girls swam successfully on the boys team before that.

The best of the decade was Renee Tomlin, who could pretty much swim successfully in any event. Tomlin was picked here in the 50 freestyle and in all three relays.

The other freestyle swimmers were Colleen Smith, Kelsey Levering and Suzanne Mooney.

In the backstroke, the choice was Anesa DilBerovic. In the breaststroke it was Sam King. The selection in the butterfly was Kelly McCarthy. The individual medley swimmer was King. And the diver was Carly Sheppard.

Comprising the medley relay team were DilBerovic, King, Tomlin and Mooney. The 200 freestyle relay team was Tomlin, Mooney, King and Anna Ceniccola. And the 400 freestyle relay team was Tomlin, King, Smith and Levering.

A new decade began on Jan. 1, 2010 so performances since then are not taken into consideration for the First Decade winter sports teams. Swimmers were eligible to be selected to this team in any event where they swam, even if it wasn't necessarily the event in which they were most effective.

Renee Tomlin joins Jill Kozakowski (90s) and Mary Garrett (80s) as OCHS Girls Swimmers of the Decade.

OCHS Girls Swimming in the First Decade
2004-05...7-3...Bob Cornell
2005-06...9-4...Bob Cornell
2006-07...8-4...Tim Matlack
2007-08...6-4...Bob Cornell
2008-09...7-7...Brad Greene

The First Decade Raider Girls Swim Team
50 Free - Renee Tomlin (2006)
100 Free - Colleen Smith (2005)
200 Free - Kelsey Levering (2005)
500 Free - Suzanne Mooney (2008)
100 Backstroke - Anesa DilBerovic (2005)
100 Breaststroke - Sam King (2005)
100 Butterfly - Kelly McCarthy (2009)
200 IM - Sam King (2005)
Diving - Carly Sheppard (2007)
200 Medley Relay - Anesa DilBerovic, Sam King, Renee Tomlin, Suzanne Mooney (2006)
200 Free Relay - Anna Ceniccola, Sam King, Renee Tomlin, Suzanne Mooney (2006)
400 Free Relay - Colleen Smith, Sam King, Renee Tomlin, Kelsey Levering (2004)