OCHS First Decade Teams

Kyle Evans was top Raider boys soccer player in First Decade!

Gazette Staff Writer

It is hard to imagine a lineup of athletes in one sport during one decade much stronger than the boys who played soccer for Ocean City High School from 2000-09. The very best are recognized here as we continue our series of First Decade All Star Teams. But many of the players who almost made it, but didn't, would be all stars in just about any other area high school soccer program.

The best of the best was Kyle Evans, the Boys Soccer Player of the Decade. Evans and Chad Severs were both South Jersey Players of the Year as seniors but Evans played all four of his successful seasons during the decade while only Severs' senior year fell during the decade.

Joining Evans and Severs on the attack were Rich Baker, a two-time All-South Jersey choice; Adam Sternberger, a two-time all-conference and All-South Jersey player who missed time his senior year with an illness; and Rafael Duarte, two-time all-conference and All-South Jersey.

The midfielders are Mike Mousaw, Neal Melchionni and Kevin Curran - all named all-conference and All-South Jersey.

On defense, there are Tim Tower and Kevin Dougherty, all-conference players from early in the decade; and Phil Schaffer, Ryan Scully and Zac Zahrend, all-conference and All-South Jersey players from the middle of the decade.

The goalkeepers - Ryan Carr and John Fogarty - were both picked to the all-conference team twice and named All-South Jersey as seniors.

It is a talented lineup. Mike Pellegrino, who coached the Raiders in nine of the 10 seasons in the decade, would certainly enjoy seeing them play together. But the best of them all in the First Decade of the 21st century was Kyle Evans, who had a successful career at Lehigh. He joins Chad Severs (90s) and Brendan Gallagher (80s) as Ocean City High School Boys Soccer Players of the Decade.

OCHS Boys Soccer in the First Decade
2000........22-3-1.....Mike Pellegrino
2001........21-3-0.....Mike Pellegrino
2002........13-5-2.....Mike Pellegrino
2003........21-1-4.....Mike Pellegrino
2004........21-2-1.....Mike Pellegrino
2005........24-0-1.....Mike Pellegrino
2006........19-2-0.....Mike Pellegrino
2007........23-1-1.....Mike Pellegrino
2008........17-2-3.....Mike Pellegrino
2009........ 8-8-1.....Aaron Bogushefsky

The First Decade Raider Boys Soccer Team
Forward - Chad Severs (2000)
Forward - Adam Sternberger (2002)
Forward - Rich Baker (2004)
Forward - Kyle Evans (2005)
Forward - Rafael Duarte (2006)
Midfield - Mike Mousaw (2006)
Midfield - Neal Melchionni (2007)
Midfield - Kevin Curran (2008)
Defense - Tim Tower (2000)
Defense - Kevin Dougherty (2001)
Defense - Phil Schaffer (2004)
Defense - Ryan Scully (2005)
Defense - Zac Zahrend (2007)
Goal - Ryan Carr (2001)
Goal - John Fogarty (2007)