OCHS Teams of the Century

Charley Mumford Raider Baseball Player of the Century!

Gazette Staff Writer

Baseball was a successful sport at Ocean City High School during the 20th century but no player had more success than Charley Mumford.

The hard-throwing lefthander was 7-3 with a 0.96 earned run average during his senior year of 1963, striking out 108 batters in 65 innings and hitting .462. As a junior, Mumford was 7-3 with a 2.67 ERA, striking out 102 in 70 innings and hitting .460.

Those numbers are good enough to earn Mumford the honor as OCHS Baseball Player of the Century.

Mumford is one of 26 players selected to the school’s All-Century Team, the last of 17 century all star teams chosen by The Gazette over the last two years.

Joining Mumford as pitchers on the team are Frank Wickes, a dominating pitcher on OCHS’ championship teams in the 1950s; Larry Harrison, a fireballer later in the 50s; over-powering Cliff Lillie from the early 1960s; Joe Myers, a crafty southpaw from the mid-70s who holds school records for strikeouts and wins; David Miller, a successful hurler in the mid-1980s; and Steve Adams, a winning pitcher for three seasons in the 90s.

OC’s all-century infield is equally strong. Joe Kennedy from the 1950s and Tim Chatburn from the 70s are at first base. Butch Dean from the late 50s and Brian Geary of the 90s are the second basemen. The two shortstops – Mike Sannino and Mike Calise – played back to back in the 70s. And the two third basemen, Ron Beaver and Larry Masi, almost succeeded each other in the 60s. The catchers are Joe Avis from the late 40s and Ed McClain from the mid 60s.

The outfielders are Steve Libro from the late 50s; Orville Mathis from the early 60s; Pete Thomas from the mid 80s; and a trio of players from the mid-90s, Ben Charles, Jason Tarves and Sam Picketts.

The designated hitters are Matt Dice from the early 80s and two who played on the final team of the century, Matt Chila and Ryan Reich.

The coach of our all-century team is Dixie Howell, whose teams won 107 games and six league championships.

The Individual Team of the Century was the 1977 Cape-Atlantic League co-champions, a team that finished 16-5-1. Myers, Calise and Chatburn – all members of our All-Century Team – led this team. Among the pitchers, Myers was 9-3 with 122 strikeouts, Jim Chadwick was 4-1 and Leon Creamer was 3-1. Despite the presence of Chatburn (.363) and Calise (.343) in the lineup, the team was actually led in hitting by Dan Foglio (.386).

The All-Century Raider Baseball Team
1B Joe Kennedy (1955)
1B Tim Chatburn (1977)
2B Butch Dean (1959)
2B Brian Geary (1996)
SS Mike Sannino (1975)
SS Mike Calise (1977)
3B Ron Beaver (1965)
3B Larry Masi (1968)
OF Steve Libro (1958)
OF Orville Mathis (1960)
OF Pete Thomas (1984)
OF Ben Charles (1995)
OF Jason Tarves (1996)
OF Sam Picketts (1997)
C Joe Avis (1949)
C Ed McClain (1964)
DH Matt Dice (1981)
DH Matt Chila (2000)
DH Ryan Reich (2000)
P Frank Wickes (1955)
P Larry Harrison (1958)
P Cliff Lillie (1961)
P Charles Mumford (1963)
P Joe Myers (1977)
P David Miller (1985)
P Steve Adams (1994)
Coach: Dixie Howell (1953-66)

The 1977 Team - Best of the Century
1B Tim Chatburn
2B Dan Doerr
SS Mike Calise
3B Jack Smith
OF Dan Foglio
OF Gary Jernee
OF Jack Myers
C Mike Sherman
P Joe Myers
P Jim Chadwick
P Leon Creamer
Coach: Bud Rinck

Championship Teams

CAL-American title: 2000, 1984
CAL-National titles: 1977, 1964, 1963, 1959, 1955, 1954