OCHS Teams of the 90's

Abbey Woolley top Raider field hockey player of the 90s!

Gazette Staff Writer

As might be expected in a sports program that produced three state champions in one decade, there are some difficult decisions when choosing the Ocean City High School field hockey team of the 90s.

First of all, the three leading candidates for player of the decade.

Abbey Woolley had a record-setting season as a scorer her senior year and led the Raiders to a state championship. She was all-conference three times, All-South Jersey and all-state once.

Cory Picketts was named state Player of the Year, led South Jersey in scoring twice, was all-conference three times and all-state twice.

Jenee Doto graduates with the most career goals in school history, was all-conference three times and all-state twice.

No other coach in any girls OCHS sport ever had such a trio of successful athletes in one decade as Trish LeFever did during the 1990s.

But Woolley gets the nod. Her accomplishments came on a team that was loaded with young players, the same young players who went on to win two more state titles. And, as Picketts said herself in an interview before her last season, Woolley had a lot of impact on her and the other young players.

Joining Woolley and Doto at forwards on the All-90s team are Mikenzie Custer and Stephanie McGuirl. Picketts is joined at midfield by Michelle Busby and Patty Foster. The defense is represented by Tori Henry, Tracey LeFever and Kathy McNulty.

Then comes the choice of goalkeeper.

The decade started with Shelly Meister, a versatile athlete who was a two-time all-conference selection and went on to start for Penn State in the NCAA field hockey final four.

In the middle of the decade came the determined Meg Crowley, who used strength and cunning to set school records for career shutouts.

Then, at the end of the 90s, there was Jen Cushinotto, now playing at Rider. She was smaller than her predecessors but used quickness to set a school record for shutouts in one season (19) and was in goal on two state championship teams.

"Any coach would be happy to have any of them," said Coach LeFever, who is the only field hockey coach Ocean City has ever had. But a choice, though every bit as difficult as picking the 90s' top player, must be made. And Cushinotto gets to put on the pads for our team, in large part because of her success in the NJSIAA tournament against the toughest of competition.

OCHS Field Hockey in the 90s
Year....Record....Coach..............Leading Scorer
1990...15-4-3...Trish LeFever...Julie Allen 14
1991...15-4-3...Trish LeFever...Courtney Asselta 9
1992...16-3-3...Trish LeFever...three tied 7
1993...17-2-3...Trish LeFever...two tied 13
1994...16-3-3...Trish LeFever...Stephanie McGuirl 21
1995...15-3-5...Trish LeFever...Michelle Busby 12
1996...14-3-3...Trish LeFever...Jaime Butcher 12
1997...24-1-0...Trish LeFever...Abbey Woolley 41
1998...23-2-1...Trish LeFever...Cory Picketts 34
1999...23-0-3...Trish LeFever...Cory Picketts 36

The All-90s Raider Field Hockey Team
F....Mikenzie Custer
F....Jenee Doto
F....Stephanie McGuirl
F....Abbey Woolley
MF...Michelle Busby
MF...Patty Foster
MF...Cory Picketts
Def...Tori Henry
Def...Tracey LeFever
Def...Kathy McNulty
GK...Jen Cushinotto