Ed Byrnes
All-Sports Award

The all-sports award was created by Prime Events and William Schoppy Inc. in 1991. It was renamed in memory of Ed Byrnes, the longtime athletic director and football coach at Holy Spirit,
after he died suddenly in February, 1996. He was president of the CAL for six years and had just won his 100th football game three months before his death.

OCEAN CITY wins in 2019-20
In this pandemic-shortened sports year, the Raiders won a state championship in girls soccer
and additional South Jersey titles in girls basketball, boys cross country and girls cross country.
Plus OCHS won conference or league championships in five sports.
Read more about the 2019-20 competition here.

1. Ocean City 18
2. Mainland 12
3. St. Augustine 9
4. Middle Township 8
4. Wildwood Catholic 8

Public School - Ocean City
Non-Public - St. Augustine
Group 4 - Atlantic City
Group 3 - Ocean City
Group 2 - Middle Township
Group 1 - Buena
Non-Public B - Wildwood Catholic
Atlantic County - Mainland
Cape May County - Ocean City
Cumberland County - Millville
Coast Big Five - Middle Township/Wildwood Catholic
Boys Sports - St. Augustine
Girls Sports - Ocean City
Fall Sports - Ocean City
Winter Sports - Mainland
Spring Sports - cancelled

2018-19 Ocean City
2017-18 Mainland/Ocean City (tie)
2016-17 Ocean City
2015-16 Ocean City
2014-15 Ocean City
2013-14 Ocean City
2012-13 Ocean City
2011-12 Middle Township/Ocean City (tie)
2010-11 St. Augustine
2009-10 Holy Spirit
2008-09 Holy Spirit/Ocean City (tie)
2007-08 St. Augustine
2006-07 Ocean City
2005-06 Ocean City
2004-05 St. Augustine
2003-04 St. Augustine
2002-03 Mainland
2001-02 Mainland
2000-01 Ocean City/St. Augustine(tie)
99-2000 Absegami
1998-99 Ocean City
1997-98 Ocean City/Vineland(tie)
1996-97 Mainland
1995-96 Mainland
1994-95 Ocean City
1993-94 Ocean City
1992-93 Ocean City
1991-92 Mainland
1990-91 Mainland

The system used to determine a school's final score in the competition awards points for championships won - both CAL and NJSIAA - with bonuses for the number of different sports in which they were won.
Under this system, which rewards a sports program's versatility, a school that wins two championships - one each in two different sports - will get a higher score than if it won two championships in the same sport.
Points are only awarded for sports in which the CAL determines a champion.